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The poem below was written by my dear friend and passionate Nigerian, Chibuzo Ejiogu almost a month ago. Our sisters are yet to be rescued and brought home safely to their traumatized parents. The #BringBackOurGirls cause has drawn international attention and support yet delivered no dividends so far. Our anguish continues, unabated…

Do we know their names?
Do we know their faces?
Do we know who they are?
Do we know where they are?

Daughters of Chibok
We share your pain
Sisters of Chibok
We cry for you

You must be strong
You must never give up hope
Your families yearn for your return
A nation waits with bated breath for your homecoming

Even when the government does not care,
Does not know how many you are
Does not know your names
Does not act

Hold your heads high
Only the terrorist needs feel shame
You are the true daughters of Nigeria
The future of Africa

Daughters of Chibok
A nation must wake because of you
You cannot disappear, because you have faces
You cannot be forgotten, because you have names

You are our sisters,
Our daughters,
Our life
Our pain

Written by Chibuzo Ejiogu on 30 April 2014 as we protest the kidnapping of over 200 school girls from Chibok Nigeria and the Nigerian governments failure to rescue them to date.

Chibuzo Ejiogu<


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