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Rape is not about sex…

Lucy (not her real name) told her story in a soft voice, intermittently wiping her eyes with a white handkerchief and for the first time, I saw a therapist break down and shed tears; such was the emotion it evoked in anyone listening. She is still very beautiful but the light has gone out of her eyes and while the beauty remains, the radiance is gone…obviously with that horrible rape experience.

Rape Victim 1

She wished and pleaded for death but got laughter and derision instead. As the perpetrators took their turns in ravaging her body, she wept pitiably but was forced into the realisation that they possessed emotions and hormones belonging only to beasts. Each second probably seemed like an eternity and in her blurred state, the agony she bore for over an hour must have lasted eons. (more…)


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The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles.

― Mahatma Gandhi

She sat with her blouse pulled down while the boys in front of her fondled her breasts. She had a contorted look on her face and it was apparent that her mouth formed and uttered words while the boys had their fun. No, this is not a scene from a pornographic flick, neither is it even a steamy scene from a movie. This took place in a Nigerian University and the girl was caught stealing or in possession of a stolen Blackberry phone. One of her captors/spectators/judges/executioners captured the incident with a camera phone and it went viral on Facebook.



A few weeks later, another picture went viral. A young lady, completely naked kneeling with her hands tied and held out in front of her. Caught drinking the blood of a new born baby? No. Caught in the act of adultery and being disgraced by her husband? Again no, although that belongs in yet another incident/Facebook picture. This particular young lady was another ‘Blackberry thief’. The camera bulbs flashed again and the picture found its way online via Facebook.



How do these acts, by any stretch of the imagination, aid the pursuit of justice? How has this mindset of perverse justice become pervasive? We know of the incidents described above because of the social media but similar incidents have taken place undocumented over the years. While we pondered/ignored/laughed over these incidents over time, a monster incubated slowly but surely and manifested itself to a shocked nation last week… (more…)

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