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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
….George Santayana

Dell Hell should never have happened but it did. It all began when global PC manufacturing giant, Dell Computers ignored a justifiably aggrieved customer. The customer, Jeff Jarvis incidentally was a blogger and owner of the already popular blog, buzzmachine.com. In June 2005, the laptop he purchased from Dell Computers developed a fault almost immediately after he took delivery, leading him to lodge a complaint with the company. The unsatisfactory customer service he subsequently received compelled him to take his frustrations online and make his experience known to the public via his blog.


It is probable that Jarvis did not expect the initial responses he got; 253 comments by fellow aggrieved customers. Dell Computers returned the laptop, still not functioning and what began as a rant gradually turned to rage and then hell for Dell Computers. Jarvis continued to update readers on his blog about his correspondence with Dell’s customer service attendants, highlighting their incompetence and refusal to listen to his complaints. The term ‘Dell Hell’ was likely coined from the first few words of his third post regarding the subject on his blog My Dell Hell continues…



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